Warrick Dunn Breaks 100… and not the way you may think

Almost on a daily basis, the sports world is marred with collegiate and professional athletes getting into trouble, and the media is always there to pounce.  In recent days, one of the good guys left his mark once again, but unfortunately, there was nearly zero coverage in the press.

Since 1997, Warrick Dunn has helped single-parent families move into furnished homes (google images)

Former NFL running back Warrick Dunn has been recognized for his Warrick Dunn Foundation and Home for the Holidays program, which helps single parents find homes in the Atlanta, Tallahassee, Baton Rouge and Tampa areas.  Dunn recently helped provide his 100th home to one of these families a few days ago, and much like in his days in the NFL, the quiet Dunn humbly acknowledged the feat that has benefitted so many and once again explained his reason for establishing these programs.

Dunn and his five younger siblings, after all, had been raised by their mother, Betty Smothers.  Just days after his 18th birthday, Dunn would take on more responsibility than most could imagine, when his mother, who was a police officer, was shot and killed while escorting a businesswoman to a bank for a deposit.

While starring four years in football and track at Florida State University, Dunn also managed to earn his degree, all while supporting his young siblings.  But once he was able to use his athleticism to generate income in the NFL, that’s when Dunn established the two home assistance programs that define him more than any 100-yard rushing games or Pro-Bowls.

As seen in his 100th home with which Dunn’s his foundations have assisted (see link), two years after his NFL career has concluded, he is still giving people something to cheer about and believe in.  The most recent home was completely furnished, all the way down to the Christmas tree for the family that will call this house “home” for years to come.

Dunn may not make the NFL Hall of Fame, but make no mistake.  His legacy, which includes the families he has helped and the people he has inspired, far exceeds a bust and a plaque on the wall in Canton, Ohio.

If you are interested in donating or finding more information on Dunn’s foundations, please visit http://www.warrickdunnfoundation.org/.


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